How to come up with a creative Halloween costume idea for adults or children

Halloween is the time of year that parents can join their kids in a night of using their imagination. Going out on Halloween night in a costume is something that is fun for all, even if you are an adult.

Seeing all of the kids in their amazing looking costumes is enjoyable, and it helps you come up with ideas that can be great for next year. Costumes can be nearly anything that you can imagine.

[highlight] So how to find the perfect creative Halloween costume idea?[/highlight]


The idea of Halloween is to scare others; it is called fright night after all. Some costumes are designed to be sexy, while others recreate a beloved fictional character from a source of media that we enjoy.

Costumes tend to vary based on whether you are a male of female of course, but there are costume ideas that are perfect for couples as well.

choose creative Halloween costume idea


Looking for Ideas

The first step that you should make when looking for a Halloween costume is to decide what style of costume you are looking for. Do you want something scary, funny, cute, sexy, or something else completely?

Do you like to dress like characters from movies, games, or television shows that you enjoy? Do you want to have a scary costume that makes the night a lot more fun?

The next consideration you should make is whether you are going to have an individual costume, one that jives with friends costumes, or dress in a costume that is designed for couples. Maybe this year you will be trying out a supervillain couple’s costume with your beau.

Once you decide on the type of costume you want, jump online and scout out options that are available to you. Check social sites such as Flickr, Facebook, or Pintrest to find costume ideas that others have already laid out for themselves.

You can search for costumes that were popular last year, and choose a style based on that. Here are some of the most popular ideas that were seen last year during the Halloween season:

  • Vampires, pirates, witches, and zombies were classic creations that are popular each and every year, and last year was no exception.
  • Superheroes and villains were really popular last year for men, women, and children. Among those that were seen the most were Batman, the Joker, Superman, and Ironman for the males of our species; the females often were spotted as Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn.
  • Star Wars characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader.
  • Younger children enjoyed dressing as Minions and Disney characters, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


creative halloween costume



Planning for the Day

Deciding on which costume that you will be sporting this season will depend upon a few things. The first of which is your budget. How much money are you willing to spend to have an elaborate costume that others will envy?

The second consideration is whether you will be purchasing a costume that you can simply put on or whether you will be crafting your own costume. If you prefer to make your own, how much time will you be able to put into the creation?

Creating your own costume can be fun, but if you don’t have at least a full day to perfect it, then you may wish to go with a design that you can purchase.

The most important thing when you are crafting your own costume is to avoid procrastination. If you wait until the day before Halloween to put together your costume and something goes wrong, the supply at the stores will be limited, and you will have to settle on a costume.

Don’t forget to include the elements and accessories that you may need for your Halloween costume. Here are a few of the most common accessories that may be required:

  • Makeup
  • Cape
  • Weapon
  • Hats
  • Masks
  • Wings
  • Fangs
  • Colored contacts or glasses

creating halloween mask

Now that you know which accessories you need, let’s discuss some of the best locations to purchase them.

  • If you are crafting your own costume, check out your closet to see if anything would work that you already have. If you are planning on a period costume, then maybe your grandparents will have what you need.
  • Thrift shops are a great place to find clothing for your outfit. Boots, hats, and accessories can be found here as well.
  • Craft Stores will be a great place to find material and details for your costume.
  • If you plan to buy your costume, then a seasonal Halloween store may be a great option. There are also many online retailers that you can consider as well, but make sure to order the costume well ahead of time in case of delays.



Other Considerations to Make

Location is an important factor to consider. If you are going to be going to a party, wearing something made of wool is probably not the best idea, but an outfit that leaves your legs bare may be fine for an indoor location.

The Weather Forecast will affect how many layers you will be wearing on Halloween night. If there is going to be rain, maybe an umbrella can be incorporated into your costume.

Having a comfortable costume will be important if you plan to do a lot of walking around. No one wants to have to remove aspects of the costume because it irritates your skin, is uncomfortable, or too hot to wear.

Safety is always a priority, so if your costume has a mask that makes it difficult to see, it is an issue. Masks that make it difficult to breathe should also be avoided to ensure that your Halloween night goes as planned.



Some Great Costume Ideas for your Consideration

Costume ideas for men

o The Joker – For this costume all you need is a purple suit; you may wish to start your search at a thrift store. The suit can vary in design a bit as long as it is purple, so you have some leeway in this area.

You will also need some green hair dye and face makeup to create the infamous look of the Joker. You will need white face paint for your face, black for around your eyes, and bright red to create the unmistakable Joker smile.

o Doctor Who – This costume will require a suit with a nice jacket. Depending on the Doctor you select, you may need to find a tie, a bow tie, a fez, or a scarf as accessories to make the costume unique.

A sonic screwdriver and some indication of the TARDIS could also be a good addition to this costume. There are TARDIS bags and backpacks available for purchase at some online stores.


Costume ideas for women

o Harley Quinn – Harley has become a very popular character since Suicide Squad was released, but now you need to choose between a traditional Harley Quinn outfit and the one from the new movie. Both of the versions are fairly easy to recreate.

The new outfit involves finding shorts, a t-shirt, and a jacket that resembles the ones worn in the movie. The other variation is essentially a red and black jester’s outfit that you can tailor and customize to match the character.

o Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Though the show ended more than a decade ago, there are still many Buffy fans who would love to become her for a night. All that is required is a pair of red leather pants, a black tank top, and a leather jacket to create the look.

You will also need a blonde wig and a stake as accessories for this costume to work. If you prefer the cheerleader look, a maroon and yellow cheerleading outfit will also do the trick.


Costume ideas for couples

o Jack Skellington and Ragdoll Sally – Jack and Sally are the perfect couple for Halloween night. Sally’s costume will require a stitched together patchwork dress and a red wig.

Jack will need to have a black and white pin stripped suit and an extravagant bat tie. In addition, white and black makeup will be required to complete the facial scars on Sally and the skull on Jack.

o Morticia and Gomez Adams – The Addams family is a duo that many have wanted to recreate since childhood; only they may have been lacking a partner in crime. This costume is easy to recreate; the most difficult part is using makeup to get a perfectly pale skin tone.

Gomez can sport a striped suit, purple and black is ideal, but any blue will work just as well. Morticia’s outfit is simply a long black dress, but a black wig and red nail polish is also a must.

o Raggedy Ann and Andy – Another classic couple’s costume that you can consider is going as a Raggedy Ann and Andy. They are a fun duo for couples that only require some blue, red, and white clothing that should be easy to find.

This is also a great idea for a costume for a set of twins, especially when one is a boy and one is a girl. A pair of toddlers dressed like these characters would be priceless to see on Halloween night.


Costume ideas for boys

o Ninja Turtle – The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie was recently released, so becoming a turtle is the perfect option for a boy. All you need is a turtle shell for their back, a headband indicating which turtle they are, and a weapon to match.

Each turtle wields a different weapon, so let your kid decide which one he would like to be. If you prefer, most stores will probably sell one piece costumes and masks for each of the four turtles.

o Goku – This anime character is easy to recreate. All you need is an orange jumpsuit and a blue t-shirt. You will also need a blue belt, wristbands, and boots.

The main part of this costume is going to be the hair. It needs to be wild and crazy just like it is in the show, so make sure you have ample time and plenty of hair gel.


Costume ideas for girls

o Super Girl – Super Girl is becoming more popular, especially with the television show doing so well. It’s no surprise that a young girl would love a superhero costume this Halloween.

All this costume needs is a red skirt and a blue top that features the house of El symbol on the front. Also, don’t forget to include a shiny gold belt and a cape in case she needs to fly off to save someone in need.

o Disney Princess – Many young girls dream of being a Disney Princess for Halloween. Creating the perfect princess outfit does not take much, so find out which princess she adores and make it happen.

This year the princess most likely to be selected is going to be for a costume as Elsa, Anna, or Ariel. Becoming a mermaid like Ariel only requires an emerald green dress and a red wig.

When Frozen was released Elsa and Anna were instant hits with young girls. Both costumes require a blue dress and a few frills like makeup and braided hair.



Final Thoughts

Halloween is just around the corner; well, not that close, but a good costume needs time to be created, right? Start with a creative Halloween costume idea of what you’d like to be, and then do some research to figure out what you will need to do to create the costume.

Will you be purchasing the costume or making it yourself? If you still cannot come up with the perfect idea for a Halloween costume for this year, then consider some of the ideas that have been discussed in this write up to help you decide. Happy Halloween!